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Trust this therapist designed and client proven self guided therapy book and video series to help you become the person you want to be

What is Live Lucky Therapy?


Plans start at just $10 / month so LIVE LUCKY can fit into any budget. You choose your level.


Where traditional therapies work on what you do or what you think, LIVE LUCKY THERAPY focuses on who you are.


With new videos delivered to your email every week, you choose when you engage the material.


Designed to honor the importance of a mind-body-spirit-emotion connection. All faiths welcome.

Expert Designed

This program has been developed and refined for five years with personal and professional experience. Learn more…


Living Lucky is not living along! Use the material in a group setting, schedule with a LIVE LUCKY coach or join a cohort.

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Live Lucky Levels

Each level starts with Live Lucky Therapy video series and The Gift Of Luck book and companion workbook. Then after you receive your first email you can add different levels of support, such as coaching and cohorts.

Live Lucky Therapy


Get Blake’s videos weekly so you stay motivated and engaged for a whole year. Be sure to keep your book and workbook handy but expect to go even deeper. Topics build from month to month and have proven and lasting results. One video a week and one chapter a month is all it takes. This 48 week series would be great in a group setting too!

Masters in Me


Take LIVE LUCKY THERAPY a step further and meet with a LIVE LUCKY Coach who has already completed the PhD in ME program and can understand where you are. Along with the weekly videos you can look forward to meeting twice a month with a coach via Zoom for one-on-one help personalizing the material and creating the best path for you.

PhD in Me


Join a thriving community and expect a total transformation when you use all the tools together. Along with the book, workbook and videos, you will be meeting with a coach weekly as well as a cohort of others in the program. At the end of the year commitment you are eligible to take the next step to becoming a LIVE LUCKY Coach.

How to Start

Join Live Lucky Therapy by purchasing the self-guided video therapy series.

Check your email for your welcome video and three initial assessments to mark your starting point. Be honest!

Order your books, grab a trusted friend (or a group) and experience a new way of doing mental health therapy.

What you can look forward to

  • Being who you say you want to be
  • Discovering how to step into the life you have always wanted
  • Creating a clear, big dream to step into
  • Benefiting from the power of choice
  • Learning to love, trust, and forgive
  • Building healthy reciprocal relationships
  • Learning to regulate your emotions
  • No longer being afraid of fear
  • Growing in your faith and spirituality
  • Overcoming internal hurdles, limiting beliefs, and past hurts
  • Building an inner sense of empowerment
  • Inviting patience into your life

Live Lucky Pricing

>> Buy the book and workbook separately <<

book and workbook
Weekly Videos
Live Lucky Coaching

Live Lucky Therapy
$30/month or $10/month student



Live Lucky Therapy + $150/Session

Want to hear more?


Watch this personal message from Blake Suzelis, the creator of Live Lucky Therapy, a novel self-guided video based program.

HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS or those who are interested in the research behind this program, download this article:

 What is Live Lucky Therapy and what is the formula for its success?

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